We have always believed that in order to work at our best, we need to look after one another. 
To be creative we need the freedom and safety of a non judgmental, non biased, non exploitative environment. 
We recognise that the first day of rehearsal can be a nerve wracking experience. Everyone wants to find their place in the room and begin their work in a comfortable, stress free space. Let us help you in setting up your rehearsal room as an open, honest, supportive and boundaried space where everyone can work at their best.

In a nutshell
Pre production: Script analysis, meeting with director, research, dynamic RA and action manifest, communication with heads of dept, pre production paperwork such as nudity riders and disclaimers.
Production: Initial boundary setting session, training, paperwork protocols, choreography and rehearsal, Plan B's, tech and previews, final RA and action manifest.
Post production: Recasts & understudy rehearsals, check ins, choreography maintenance and a feedback facility.