We visit for a day or two to assess and catalogue your weaponry, from deactivated Enfield's to antique Cutlasses.
All weapons are examined and designated a status: Decorative prop, Practical prop, Blank firer, disposeā€¦ etc.
Each item is photographed and clearly described.
We advise on the usage and storage of all items in line with UK law.
Recommendations on the disposal or surrender of items including blanks.
Items surrenderedĀ to us we will be re purposed or recycled as much as we can.
Finished catalogue is received within a few days.

Optional extras / Time allowing
Test firing of Blank Firing guns.
Cleaning and repair of items.
Organise and tidy of your armoury.

We have provided Inventory services for Drama Schools and theatres: RADA, RCS, New Vic, The Octagon, The Birmingham Rep, The Hampstead Theatre, The Everyman, Salisbury Theatre, The Donmar, Theatr Genediaethol, Theatr Clwyd and the Leicester Curve.