Rc-Annie are committed to creating safe spaces. Everyone should feel respected and have a voice, they should feel in control of their contributions, complicit and accommodated, enabling everyone to create their best work. We are mindful of the work we create and will not engage in work that threatens to be exploitative in any manner. 

Our intimacy work ranges from creating convincing relationships and simulated intimacy to the illusion of non consensual intimacy. Our most recent credits include: There Empress (the RSC), 2.22 (The Apollo), Linck & Mulhahn (Hampstead Theatre), A Midsummer Nights Dream (The Globe).  

Rachel and Ruth are members of the Intimacy Practitioners Guild
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CLICK to link to New York Time article featuring R&R's Intimacy work
"I have used Ruth and Rachel of Rc-Annie on two of my films. They are the go to company for my stunts and intimacy direction. On my first film The Seasoning House, I had a very young female cast, who for most it was their first feature. There were many scenes of violence and sexual violence and simulated rape. Ruth and Rachel did an amazing job with the stunts and fight direction, really clear and with safety as a priority therefore putting the young cast at ease straight away. They also took over all the intimacy direction which was so crucial for both the male and female players. Everything from the partial nudity, violence and simulated rape was so expertly, professionally and compassionately directed by Ruth and Rachel. There was never a time when anyone felt awkward, embarrassed or uncomfortable. They really made everyone, including myself and the crew at complete ease taking a lot of pressure off my shoulders and giving very clear, concise instructions and suggestions to the male and female cast to feel completely comfortable and part of a collaborative process." 
Film - Paul Hyett. Writer / Director

“I have worked with Rc-Annie on a number of occasions and intend to continue so in the future. I have always found that not only do they deliver excellent results but that their process combines the perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism. They are extremely understanding of our needs and adept at working with all the different personalities that make up a company in order to get the best out of everyone. I was particularly impressed with their handling of a very sensitive and emotionally charged scene involving sexual violence which they choreographed with their trademark patience, confidence and warmth: always ensuring that the actors involved were comfortable and in charge of what was going on. The results of a scene like that are as much about what’s happening off stage, in terms of the mental health of the actors concerned, as what’s conveyed onstage. In both parts they excelled. I would not hesitate to recommend them.” 
Jez Bond - Artistic Director of The Park Theatre