We are the leading providers of Replica Firearms in the UK, providing consultations and training to the industry, drama schools and universities.
Blank firing handguns are inherently dangerous and require careful handling by trained personnel, therefore we only hire our blank firing handguns to individuals who have done our theatrical handgun training

Replica Firearms: Deactivated, Realistic Imitation firearms and Blank firing handguns
Our Armourers can take responsible for the safety handling and gun usage during the shoot
Weaponry hire and sourcing service
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Theatrical Handgun training for your in-house staff
Handgun Consultations for working with guns on a specific production
Weaponry hire and sourcing service
Inventory of weaponry cupboards
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We have the Rc-Annie get your gun range of courses
1. Replica Firearm training for Film and Theatre personnel including performers
2. Bang! live firing training with Blank firers for performers 
3. Tactical training with Replica and Gas gun for action actors
4. Assault Rifles training using Replica and Gas guns for action performers 
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