Children and Young People have a natural propensity for play fighting so Stage Combat provides a great platform to nurture this desire; helping shape and develop their motor skills, discipline, respect, teamwork and social interaction. We provide innovative workshops and after school classes all over the country for notable companies such as Polka Theatre and the Royal Alexander and Albert School. We have worked on social inclusion programs, with community groups, in prisons and with hard to reach individuals.

We are committed to creating a safe and creative environment for Young People that promotes physical and cognitive development. We offer a range of Workshops and a bespoke service to suit any learning outcome.

Workshops dates and details TBC. If you wish to book a specific course then please go to RC for HIRE. 

"I’m delighted to recommend Rc-Annie to you as in all my dealings with them they’ve been nothing short of fantastic – extremely efficient, organised, effective and easy to communicate with. They were recommended to me by a colleague who had loved working with them in the past, and I was really grateful to be introduced to them. They are so professional and safety is a real priority for them, meaning I always felt comfortable that the children were in safe hands – but they also make it so much fun (the boys here certainly found the fight choreography the highlight of the rehearsal process!)."

Alice Ford - Eton College.

Can I just say what outstanding teachers you have. The kids haven't stopped talking about it and wanted to know if it was happening today too. Both teachers had excellent relationships with students and were complete professionals. I am so pleased we found you! I will be in touch about next year as soon as I can twist a few arms. Thank you.

Zoe Shepherd, Head of Drama/ AST Beaumont School