7pm to 9.30pm GMT online

Explore what items work well for theatre and how to identify them in an interactive seminar. Demystifying the law surrounding real and theatrical weaponry (excluding Firearms). This course is popular with Stage Managers, Technicians, prop makers and performers.

This workshop is tailored for the individual needs of the students taking the course.

Participants are sent a worksheet in advance of the course to assist with learning through out the course and as a future reference. We also use images to illustrate the items that we are discussing (including a couple of quizzes) and show actual examples of the weaponry that we are exploring.
Learn the important elements of UK law regarding edged weaponry and banned articles
Look at available weaponry choices
Learn how to handle theatrical swords and guns safely
Establishing rehearsal room etiquette
Identify the 6 most common sword types: time, period and use
The ability to tell the difference between practical and non practical items
To be able to identify popular knives and dagger types 
Understand the anatomy of the sword
Compare the differences in fencing swords 
Explore a potted history of the sword development
Safe, practical, weaponry use and their maintenance 
How to source weaponry, transport and store
Toolbox items checklist
Participants will feel confident in facilitating the use of theatrical weaponry for performance.


In your own home


Per person
Price £90.00
Per person