6.30pm to 9.30pm GMT.

Jane Williamson published in Cueline July 2020
"RC-Annie are one of the most well-known and experienced dramatic violence companies in the country, exemplified by their use of anecdote as teaching material, ensuring everything they recommend or teach is backed up by their comprehensive experience in rehearsal and production processes. Both Ruth and Rachel are personable and engaging tutors, enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable about their subject which means it is a genuine pleasure to spend a few hours in their (online) company. They aim to ensure that everyone leaves the workshop more confident in the subject than when they started so are happy to answer questions or discuss specific points relevant to particular people... Ruth and Rachel were mindful of the different perspectives of everyone as they moved through the material, often stopping to check that everyone understood specific jargon or to expand on a point for a specific need."

These workshops are popular with Theatre Makers, Stage Management, Technicians and Actors to help them establish boundaries and protocols for close physical action. We look at the varying roles of the physical creatives, how they overlap and may collaborate. We discuss how to build a safe complicit and supportive space for the creative process from pre rehearsal to the last night. Including Covid considerations.
This workshop continuously evolves and is tailored for the individual needs of the students.

Lap top to receive the live online course and something to takes notes on. 

The course is delivered with the aid of slides and sample documents including: Audition disclosure form, Fight Manifest, boundary marker, notating action, Fight Captain guidance and a Fight Report Sheet. A copy of this is available upon request after the workshop.

Understanding definitions & job titles
Assessing the choice of physical creative for the job
Establish protocols to create safe spaces
Pre production considerations including approach and casting 
Improve lines of communication: who and how?
Safeguarding the physical, mental health and emotional wellbeing of all involved
How to prepare the room and staff for Intimate and Violent action
Understand what is needed to support these elements in terms of resources 
How to notate action
Know the Fight/Intimacy captain roles, calls and rehearsals
Realistic scheduling, timings and paperwork procedures 
Explore a timeline of actions from audition to production, including tech
Confident and informed choices when decision making, taking on responsibilities 

Student Feedback
"Thanks so much for sending those documents over, and for the fantastic workshop last night! I found it incredibly informative and practical, both your and Rachel's advice and expertise were invaluable in explaining what should be normal practise in a rehearsal environment. I will definitely have more confidence in making the ideas about non-gendered language, inclusivity, Plan Bs and the knowledge about who is responsible for what standard in my future work".
"Thank you for this evening, it was really useful just knowing the stages of a safe working practice and to know that a lot of what I have been doing has been along the right lines. Plus hearing it from your point of view. I wish some directors could listen to a lot of what you say!  But now I know that I have the knowledge to back up what I have been saying. A really helpful workshop that I wish was taught at my drama school in such details. This even has given me the confidence to handle certain rehearsal room and show situations as a DSM.”


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