7pm to 8/8.30pm
Progressive weekly classes
Jan 26th: Capo Ferro's Guard and Footwork
Feb 2nd: Capo Ferro's Lunge and Preparing the Attack
Feb 9th: Capo Ferro's Counter Offensive actions
Feb 16th: Capo Ferro's Rapier and Auxiliary (Dagger, Cloak and Rotella)

Learn historical actions that can help you create exciting rapier choreography. Capo Ferro's brilliant treatise holds the keys to recreate his fencing system while also giving us a wonderful glimpse of the fencing of his time. This series of classes will begin by looking at the details of his posture and positioning before assuming his guard as described. Next, we'll move into footwork and focus on the precise mechanics of his unique lunge. Following that, we'll explore the counter-offensive actions he illustrates and we'll discuss their use in creating dynamic choreography. Finally, we'll wrap up with looking at the universal aspects of rapier & auxiliary weapons while touching on aspects that make each auxiliary unique.

No rapier will be needed; these courses can be done with nothing in hand. If you have a 3 foot dowel, broomstick, cardboard tube, etc then bring it and of course if you have a rapier bring that.

Jared Kirby
Jared Kirby has been involved in Combat for Screen & Stage and Western Martial Arts for 25 years. He teaches in New York City (and the metro area) and has choreographed fights Off-Broadway, Nationally, in London and Sydney.
As a Fight Coordinator, Jared has worked with stars such as Peter SarsgaardSteve GuttenbergCameron Douglas. Jared is a member of Actor’s Equity and SAG/AFTRA. He is the president of Combat Con in Las Vegas, past president of Art of Combat, and served for six years on the board of the International Order of the Sword & Pen. He teaches a variety of workshops across the US and around the world including Canada, England, Scotland, Finland, Italy and Australia.
Jared’s historical martial arts publications include
Italian Rapier Combat
The School of Fencing
The Gentleman’s Guide to Duelling
The Expert Swordsman’s Companion
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All 4 classes