Rc-Annie Ltd represent 2 Emerging Action Co-ordinators - Bethan Clark and Claire Llewellyn. Working as Assistant, Associates and as Individual Action Co-ordinators Bethan and Claire.  Both are BADC Qualified Tutors and are fully Insured by Rc-Annie Ltd. Rachel and Ruth are thrilled to be able to nurture and encourage a new generation who have trained with them, sharing their core beliefs and who are putting their stamp and lending their energy to the Art of Action Direction.

If you are interested in working with 1 of our Emerging Action Co-ordinators please email v@rc-annie.com

Bethan Clark
Ruined Glad Moss Glad Moss
Assistant on Arthur and Merlin Movieworks Marco van Belle
Claire Llewellyn
24 hour SciFi Film Festival Wireless
Delilah Music Video Ato Yankey
Assistant on Genesis WSG Film Genesis Ltd Bart Ruspoli and Fred Hutton-Mills
Assistant on the Receptionist Uncanny Films Ltd and Dark Horse Image Jenny Lu
Assistant on Heretiks Sterling Pictures Paul Hyett
Assistant on Arthur and Merlin Movieworks Marco Van Belle
Assistant on HOWL Starchild Pictures Ltd Paul Hyett
Lightning Strikes The Empire State Music Video