We love the challenge of creating new innovative workshops just for you. Whether you are working on a particular set text or you have specific learning outcomes we will deliver the training for you, wherever and whenever you like.

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I was looking for an unusual activity for my group of colleagues, ideally something that they would not usually think of doing. The event was to celebrate good performance and bring everyone together. When I approached Rc-Annie to ask about organising an evening experience, they were really helpful. They listened to me and made the suggestion of a James Bond vs Jason Bourne Stage Combat workshop. Everything was taken care of by Rc-Annie, from sourcing and booking the venue to planning an event tailored to our group. Even so, I didn't really know what to expect and if I'm honest, I was apprehensive… I had nothing to worry about. From the moment we got to the venue Ruth and Claire got us involved and talked to us about some of the work they've done in film and theatre. After making us curious, they started with some easy moves and everyone got going. By the end of the workshop we had all learned a whole fight scene, fully choreographed with tips and tricks from Rc-Annie. We were having fun with rubber guns, putting each other in chokeholds and rolling around on the floor. You helped us to relax, get excited and learn something new. The next day there was a real buzz in the office, and we even practised our falls and stage punches! RC Annie gave us the BEST staff event we have ever had. We had so, so much fun and we were completely enraptured from start to finish!

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